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Heat treatment-microstructure relationship in the low-alloyed CMnAlSi steel

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The influence of heat treatment parameters on microstructure of high - strength, low - alloyed CMnAlSi steel used for automotive applications, was investigated in the work. Depending on applied austenitization temperatures and cooling rates, the Dual - Phase (DP) or Transformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP) microstructures can be obtained. Both DP- and TRIP-aided microstructures are very desir[...]

Mechanical properties and fracture topography of 18-9 austenitic steel at low temperatures

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Mechanical properties at room and low temperatures of 18-9 austenitic stainless steel have been investigated. The static tensile tests of the steel were done at temperature: 20, 0, -20, -40, -60, -80, -100, -196OC to determine the mechanical properties at the given temperatures. Problems of structural stability of austenite and occurrence of TRIP/TWIP effect during deformation at various tem[...]

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