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Quality of hair shampoos differing in the type of basic surfactant DOI:10.15199/46.2019.4.4

  Man has always felt the need to care for his body and, consequently, beauty. Ancient Egyptians used oils and creams to protect the skin against dry and hot climate. Their base contained natural ingredients mainly myrrh, thyme, marjoram, chamomile, lavender, lily, peppermint, rosemary, cedar, rose, aloe, and olive, sesame, and almond oils. The Egyptians also used minerals such as malachite, galena for the production of colored cosmetics. Also, the ancient Greeks and Romans were familiar with the care of the body. They received perfumes consisting of essential oils and rose water, used olive oil as a cleaning agent for the skin and, in order to prevent wrinkles, they produced creams that included, for example, figs or bananas. Some cosmetics used at that time arouse disbelief, such as the use of lead acetate and cinnabar for makeup [4]. The canons KEYWORDS ABSTRACT surfactants, quality of hair shampoo Shampoos are one of the most important segments of the cosmetics market. Their basic task is to clean the hair and scalp from dust, sebum, microorganisms. Therefore the consumer first of all expects the shampoo to have good washing properties. In consumer choices, foam-forming properties and viscosity are not unmistakable. All this meant that the aim of this work was to determine the surface activity, foaming properties and viscosity of several shampoos available in the Polish market. The analysis included shampoos with “classic composition" and shampoos containing ingredients of natural origin. Critical micelle concentration was determined by measurements of the surface tension by tensiometer using the du Noüy method. In turn, the wetting properties evaluated on the basis of the contact angle. Both the size of the contact angle and the CMC value indicate that shampoos containing ingredients of natural origin can compete in quality with classic shampoos. SŁOWA KLUCZOWE STRESZCZENIE surfaktanty, jakość szamponów do włosów [...]

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