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Incheon Airport Maglev Line DOI:10.15199/48.2019.06.01

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Korea Urban Maglev Program started in December 2006 at Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) in Daejeon. The construction of passenger carrying service of 6.1-km, low-speed Incheon Airport Maglev Line (IAML) started on February 3, 2016. It was preceded by complete and thorough system interface tests, part of which were required by the regulations. The IAML is a completely passive system with attraction electromagnets and primary units of the linear induction motor (LIM) installed in vehicles, while reaction rails for electromagnets and LIMs are installed in the track [1]. The IAML connects Incheon International Airport Transportation Center (IIATC) with Yongyu station in Yeongjong Island. There are 6 stations: (1) IIATC, (2) Long- Term Parking, (3) Administration Complex, (4) International Business Center, (5) Water Park, (6) Yongyu Station. Fig. 1. Route map (red line) of the IAML. Construction The double-track elevated guideways of the IAML are installed on concrete pillars. The highest elevation is 24.5 m, the maximum gradient is 45 ‰ and the minimum curve radius 50 m. There is a maintenance depot and control center in the vicinity of Yongyu Station. The route map is shown in Fig. 1. The trainset on elevated guideway is shown in Fig. 2. The Incheon Airport Transportation Center Stati[...]

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