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Linear motion mechanisms in the transport of loose products in the food industry DOI:10.15199/65.2018.12.9

  The dynamic growth of production, which characterizes the development of the modern food industry, requires systematic improvement of the level of organization and automation of production processes. This also applies to organizational processes and to the in-house transport system, which must ensure the continuity of raw material supply and collection of finished products. The system must be closely connected with the existing production and allow for quick reorganization of the technological process depending on the production needs. Regardless of the size of the plant and the size of production, the appropriate selection of transport equipment determines to a large extent the efficiency of production lines. As a rule, food industry plants have high processing capacity. Productivity of food processing plants reaches even several dozen tons per hour. The specificity of material movement differs significantly from other industries. Raw materials and food products are often characterized by increased acidity or alkalinity. They are perishable materials. They require special attention during storage, technological operations and transport activities [1]. In the food industry, internal transport is of great importance. This is due to the intensive flow of products between individual workstations, often products in various forms, products sensitive to humidity, temperature changes, contamination and damage during transport [2, 3]. During transport of loose products there are unfavourable phenomena that cause damage to the transported product. The unfavourable phenomena occurring during transport are as follows: grinding the product, crushing, fractionation and micro-cracks. As a result of technological progress and development, the amount of products destroyed during transport is systematically decreasing. Bearing in mind the type of transport, solutions are chosen which allow reducing the risk of product loss. IN-HOUSE TRAN[...]

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