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Assessment of the validity of the diagnosis of damage of tissues by multispectral method using neural network DOI:10.15199/48.2017.05.21

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In this paper is the expert system designed and analysed for diagnostic decision support solutions in the study of surface damage of tissues by using multispectral method and neural network to process the results. We have developed specialized software for administration personal data of patients in forensic examination of biological tissues of human skin and combination of data in common database with digital photos injuries. The researchers analyzed the operating parameters of a diagnostic test to assess the diagnostic accuracy of surface damage biological tissues based on advanced of multispectral method. Streszczenie. W artykule opisano projekt I analizę systemu eksperckiego do wspierania decyzji przy badaniu uszkodzeń powierzchni tkanek z użyciem metod wielospektralnych i sieci neuronowych. Zostało opracowane specjalistyczne oprogramowanie do zarządzanie danymi pacjentów w badaniach sądowych skóry ludzkiej i kombinacji we wspólnej bazie danych cyfrowych fotografii ran. Zbadane zostały parametry operacyjne testów diagnostycznych w celu oszacowania ich dokładności oceny uszkodzeń tkanek metodą multispektralną. (Ocena poprawności diagnostyki uszkodzeń tkanek metodą multispektralną z użyciem sieci neuronowych). Keywords: multispectral image, biological tissue, forensic examination. Słowa kluczowe: obraz multispektralny, tkanki, badania sądowe. Introduction Advanced methods of digital colorimetry and multispectral images of the surface damage of tissues in forensic medicine allow to register the skin damage of biological tissue forensic expert and use the findings as an evidence base [1, 2]. Specialized software allows you to define the image histogram of pathological skin lesion of biological tissue by mechanical blunt object. The resulting histogram biomedical together with other patient parameters is input to the expert system to support the selection of the diagnosis. Thus, the diagnostic tool allows you to formalize the known me[...]

Acoustic excitation of electric field in water solution NaCl DOI:10.15199/48.2019.04.28

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The physical phenomena, research methods and devices are widely used in modern biological technologies [1,2,3]. One of the physical phenomena poorly studied in these technologies is action of a direct magnetic field on movement of particles of the electroconducting medium. Forward moving of the charged particles with some speed (v) in a direct magnetic field (DMF) with induction B causes occurrence of electric field E in space. Vector E is directed under some corner to directions of vectors of speed and a magnetic field [1]. This physical phenomenon has been opened in 19 century great English experimenter Michael Faradey, but has started to be applied only in the middle of 20 centuries. It has been used by Van-Alfen for an explanation of electromagnetic properties of an ionosphere of the Earth [4], for creation powerful magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generators of electric energy [1] and for creation of pumps for swapping of liquid metals [5]. In the given work we study possibility of application of it the phenomenon for the decision of problems of biological technologies. Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generato12rs of electric energy are constructed, in particular, on the basis of this law. The value and direction of a vector of intensity of direct electric field in this case is defined by the formula of vector product: (1) E  v  B The scalar product of the velocity and induction of the magnetic field determines the magnitude of the electric field strength if the velocity and induction vectors are mutually perpendicular: (2) E  v  B Features of moving of the charged particles with a variable on a value and a direction of the speed are studied in the given work. In particular, such collective moving can make ions of electroconducting liquid under the influence of a wave of ultrasonic radiation (USR). Biological tissue (BT) is basically an electroconducting liquid. Periodic highfrequency compression [...]

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