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Modelling of Plastic Deformation in Polycrystalline Material DOI:10.15199/24.2017.8.21

  Introduction. Mechanical working leads to final proper􀀐 ties of forming pieces, which are affected by conditions of production technology. Recently the forming is in generally way based on macroscopic effects of deformation, but the􀀐 se are not corresponding fully with microscopic structural changes. The macroscopic strain does not reflect micro􀀐 structural changes in volume of deformed parts of mate􀀐 rial mainly in case if only surface layers are deformed. The development of analytical formulas relating structure para􀀐 meters and strain in each position inside the bulk sample is essential for a quantitative description of local changes induced by plastic deformation. Amount of grain surface (SV) and grain edge (LV) per unit volume are presented as the parameters for deformation description. As it is clear from previous work there are a few ways how to evaluate the grain orientation experimentally. However the most su􀀐 itable way in practice is the scalar measurement of anisotro􀀐 py based on stereological principle enabling to determine the degree of grains orientation. Anisotropic microstructure consists of (planar or linearly) oriented components which can be easily evaluated using stereological methods [6]. The results of such measurement can be converted to values of local deformation parameters. In that case it is sufficient to measure the degree of grains orientation to obtain a va􀀐 [...]

Verification of bulk metal forming numerical model

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Numerical models of metal forming based on finite elements method can lead to excellent results, but it is necessary to verify them by experimental results. The simple way as to verify numerical result is to compare them with experimental result. Bulk forming leads to grain boundaries deformation. The value of strain is very simple to obtain by stereology, more precisely - by measurement of grai[...]

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