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Study regarding the technological parameters influence on the primary cooling at the steel continuous casting

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The paper presents a series of correlation between the different technological parameters (the steel temperature inside the tundish, the casting speed, etc.) and the cooling conditions inside the mould for the section 240×270 mm and for the 150 mm round. The primary cooling - inside the mould - has a high importance in what concerns the thickness of the solidified steel scum. If the scum is too thin when coming out of the mould, under the action of the ferro-static pressure generated by the liquid steel from inside and due to the own weight of the strand, the scum can force through, thus resulting the strand breaking. Praca przedstawia serię korelacji między różnymi parametrami technologicznymi (temperatura stali w kadzi pośredniej, liniowa szybkość odlewania, itp.) i warunkami chłod[...]

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