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Effects of the microsilica on the drying process of refractory concrete monoliths

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The paper presents knowledge gained from the experimental study of the effect of microsilica addition on the drying process, which takes place in a high alumina refractory concrete within the temperature range between 20 and 700 °C. As microsilica can have multiplying effects in the mixture, which display themselves depending on its content, a wide range of its contents has been studied, namely from 0 to 20 % by weight. The results show that microsilica produces the most significant effect at the beginning of the drying process, when it participates in the formation of new structural formations even at the stage of the mixture mixing and solidification. Artykuł prezentuje stan wiedzy uzyskanej na podstawie studiów doświadczalnych wpływu dodatku mikrokrzemionki na proces suszenia, kt[...]

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