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Physical Modelling of Metal Bath Flow in the Tundish and Importance of Validation Experiments

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Accuracy and thus the applicability of physical modelling results in the field of metallurgical processes must respect the basic rules of similarity theory and practice between the two systems. The choice of model geometry (length) scale is one of the basic factors which must be very carefully determined. This paper deals with the assessment of the impact of the geometric scale of the physical model of a tundish on the coincidence of the simulation results. Two models of an identical operating tundish designed on the scales 0.2 and 0.25 (1:5 and 1:4) were used for the experimental study. Different boundary conditions, including changes in the geometry of the bottom without any kind of impact pad (e.g. “Turbostop") were used to study the correctness of the similarity theory betwe[...]

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