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A multiresolution auditory model using adaptive WP excitation scalograms

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Processing of high-fidelity audio signals has become a key technology in the development of audio systems. In many applications, such as the design of cost-effective real-time multimedia systems and high quality audio transmission and storage, the goal is to achieve transparent (or nearly transparent) quality of reconstructed audio signals at the lowest possible bit rates [1]. Several audio [...]

Matching pursuit algorithm with frame-based auditory optimized WP-dictionary for audio transient modeling

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Several parametric audio encoding techniques are used matching pursuit (MP) algorithm for compact representation the transient part of the signal was considered in [1-8]. MP presents a general procedure to compute adaptive signal representation [2, 3]. MP decomposes signal into a linear expansion of waveforms that belong to a redundant dictionary of functions. These waveforms are selected in[...]

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