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Rheological properties of LMz 58-2 brass in hot rolling conditions

  Hot torsion plastometric tests of the LMz 58-2 brass samples were performed in the temperature range of 600 to 800 °C at a strain rate of 0.1 to 10.0 s-1. The obtained results were used for optimization of hot reversal rolling regimes in industrial conditions. Przeprowadzono badania plastometryczne brązu LMz 58-2 w warunkach skręcania na gorąco w zakresie temperatur 600÷800 °C przy prędkości odkształcenia 0,1÷10 s-1. Uzyskane wyniki zastosowano do optymalizacji schematów odkształcenia podczas walcowania nawrotnego na gorąco w warunkach przemysłowych. Keywords: manganese brass, yield stress, ductility factor, hot rolling Słowa kluczowe: brąz manganowy, naprężenie uplastyczniające, wskaźnik plastyczności, walcowanie na gorąco 2010 r. Hutnik - Wiadomo ści hutnicze S. 213 Introduction. Manganese brass of LMz 58-2 type is widely used in different branches of industry as flat rolled products and round bars. It is characterized with high anticorrosive properties and higher abrasive hardness which are achieved by adding 2 % of manganese. That is why this alloy is effectively used in shipbuilding and coin production. At the same time manganese has its negative effect on technological deformation of the alloy in hot rolling, especially in the final passes when the temperature of the feed is 80÷90 °C lower. It leads to edge cracking of the hot rol[...]

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