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Possibilities of black-coal tar and brown-coal tar utilization for production in blast funace

  In the article there is described possibilities of utilization brown-coal tar and black-coal tar as substitute for expensive heavy heating oils exploited today. Velocity of blasted tar at the nozzle of the temperature of 30 °C and 60 °C was calculated for this substitute fuels. W artykule opisano możliwości wykorzystania smoły z węgla brunatnego i węgla kamiennego jako substytutu dla drogich olejów opałowych ciężkich wykorzystywanych obecnie. Obliczono prędkość wdmuchiwania smoły w dyszy o temperaturze 30 °C i 60 °C dla tych paliw zastępczych. Key words: brown-coal tar, black-coal tar, transformation level, injection into the blast furnace Slowa kluczowe: smoła węgla brunatnego, smoła węgla kamiennego 2010 r. Hutnik - Wiadomości hutnicze S. 455 1. Introduction. When alternative fuels are injected into tuyeres of blast furnaces it is necessary to provide perfect combustion of all compounds in oxidizing zone, which contains only negligible capacity of blast furnace, approx. 1 °C vol. and the flow velocity of hot wind reaches up to 200 m/sec. here. When this condition is not met condensation of unburned compounds on dust particles of blast-furnace gas occurs as well as silting of gas piping and serious pollution of waste-treatmen[...]

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