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Formation of thin polyaniline films by means of ionic sputtering in crossed electromagnetic field

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Polymers with their own electron conduction constitute one of the most interesting classes of organic semiconductor materials [1]. Such polymers pose semiconductor properties [2] caused by the presence of π-electron bonds. From the practical point of view, polyaniline (PAN) which is the simple nontoxic synthesis of high sensitivity to outer factors and high reproductively of optical pro[...]

Optical properties of vacuum deposited poly(o-toluidine) films in integral and fibre optics to use

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Elements basis of fibre and integral optical devices are mainly based on application of electro-physical effects in solids, semiconductors, thin and thick film materials and waveguides. Latest achievements in technology of polymers with proper electronic conduction as well as the study of electro-physical, electro-chromic effects, photosensitivity and luminescence along with unique propertie[...]

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