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Scanning acoustic and X-ray microscopy as attractive tools for diagnostics of electronic components

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Most of physicochemical microinspection techniques necessitate a long sample preparation and are almost always destructive - this means that they are often mutually exclusive i.e. they can not be applied in series. Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) and X-ray microscopy are very attractive because they are non-destructive (they provide an indication of areas to be exposed to more sophisticat[...]

Assembly and failure analysis of "dummy" PBGA

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Recently it has been observed the increase in the popularity and use of Ball Grid Array packages (BGA) which have the input/output (I/O) connections on the bottom side of the device in the form of small spheres. This type of configuration allows much larger I/O counts for a given footprint area on a PCB as compared with a conventionally peripherally leaded devices. Having no fragile leads, B[...]

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