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Common Cartridge - nowy standard formatu elektronicznych treści dydaktycznych zwiększający ich interoperacyjność

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Problem trudności w imporcie na daną platformę LMS elektronicznych treści (e-kontentu) dotyczy nie tylko wielkich dostawców platform LMS, dzielących amerykański rynek zdalnych szkoleń, ale również mniejszych, nawet gdy starają się być "standardowi", zgodnie z SCORM 1.2 lub 2004. Przyczyny braku ujednolicenia lub niejednoznaczności zapisu treści są dwie - niejednoznaczności w samej specyfikac[...]

The original concept of object classification system

  In recent years the growing number of paper documents as well as the digital content exceeds the capacity of manual control, especially in SMEs sector. Employers and employees are increasingly required to handle wide ranges of information from multiple sources. Among the economic actors SMEs are those who are especially at risk of information growth as accessing, storing and managing relevant information are becoming increasingly difficult tasks with their limited resources. As effective document management is the key to the effective implementation of knowledge management [1] the main idea of the presented software was to design such a document classification system which could be simple for users and yet as effective as possible. It is especially important in SME sector where time and simplicity in the application of the new solutions are essential. As the open API solution has been applied in this software it will allow for future integration into larger systems, i.a. knowledge management systems, which is in line with future market trends [2]. This paper first outlines the features of the original idea of document management system with its strengths, weaknesses and problems which occurred with time and continuous development of IT technologies. Next chapter presents brand new solution with its Groups concept as well as automatic labelling and naming patterns and the Notes Framework. In the following section flexible user interface solution is described with its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. The paper concludes with summary and further considerations. Original idea The software was designed and built with small and medium enterprises in mind and its goal was to mimic the paper document management system such companies already had. It was meant to attract users who are not experienced with computers and often do not find it necessary to use a document management software at all. The idea was to apply the already know[...]

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