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Właściwości i charakterystyka interfejsu radiowego UHF satelitów BRITE-PL DOI:10.15199/59.2016.6.59

  Properties and main characteristics of the UHF radio channel for communication with BRITE-PL satellites Abstract: Communication states a basis of utilization of a Space through scientific and technological satellite missions. Nevertheless even nowadays it is a challenging task which need advanced equipment and precise analysis of the problem. After a successful launch of three satellites Polish engineers and scientists are getting experience in that field. In the following paper authors are presenting a communication system used in a frame of the BRITE-PL project. Additionally a theoretical analysis and on-board satellite measurements of the satellite radio link parameters will be presented and compared. Keywords: Low Earth Orbit satellites, radio link budget, satellite communication, BRITE-PL 1. Introduction Despite of already long history of artificial satellite technology development a direct operation of the spacecraft stays not very common experience. Since 2012 Poland is a part of international community of countries which have its satellites on orbit. After a launch of PWSat1, the satellite which was the first Polish satellite located on orbit, two more satellites named Lem and Heweliusz [Fig. 1 a, b respectively] has been launched in 2013 and 2014 respectively. In a frame of cooperation with 3 other satellites: UniBRITE, TUGSAT-1 and BRITE Toronto, Lem and Heweliusz are a part of BRITE (BRIght Target Explorer)[1][2]. The main scientific goal of those small fleet of spacecrafts is performing observations of brightest stars visible on the Earth’s sky. Fig. 1. BRITE-PL satellites: Lem (a) and Heweliusz (b). It appears that such stars are very often out of scope of interest of large observatories which extremely sensitive equipment with, typically, large aperture telescopes are not the most suitable equipment to perform such research. Utilizing of this niche the BRITE project starts generating a significant scie[...]

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