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A Dual Loop Control Strategy for Parallel Interleaved Three-Phase Four-Leg PWM Boost-Type Rectifier in UPS

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This paper presents a dual-loop control strategy for parallel interleaved three-phase four-leg PWM boost-type rectifier in double conversion UPS. The interleaving method is adopted for its main benefit of harmonic cancellation. The current in the fourth leg is treated as a perturbation because the fourth leg is shared by rectifier and inverter, and the controller can be designed in a-b-c coordinate conveniently. The DCbus voltage feedback in outer control loop can be delayed by quarter-cycle to filter out the oscillating component when the load of UPS is unbalanced. The performance of proposed control scheme is verified by experimental results. Streszczenie. W artykule zaprezentowano strategię dwóch pętli sterowania trójfazowym czterogałęziowym prostownikiem PWM typu boost w układzie UPS. Wykorzystano metodę z przeplotem w celu eliminacji wpływu harmonicznych. (Dwuobwodowa strategia sterowania trójfazowym prostownikiem PWM w układach UPS) Keywords: Double conversion UPS; Interleaved four-leg PWM rectifier; Dual-loop controller; Instantaneous power. Słowa kluczowe: układ ups, prostownik PWM, sterowanie z przeplotem Introduction UPS is being widely used to providing emergency power for critical loads. The double conversion UPS usually consists of a three-phase rectifier at the first stage and a three-phase inverter at the second stage. Compared with traditional three-phase diode rectifier and phase-controlled rectifier, PMW boost-type rectifier have advantages such as high power factor and low input harmonic distortion and is increasingly adopted as a high power quality solution in UPS [1]. In this paper, The UPS consists paralleling converters, for the reason that the interleaving method is an efficient way to reducing the harmonic currents and the size of passive components [2-4]. There have four kinds of topologies of PWM rectifier: 1) three-phase PWM rectifier with a reduced switch count [5], 2) three-phase three-leg PWM rectifie[...]

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